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Where to buy vehicle sound effects.

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I am working on a vehicle game and I am in need of some good sound effects. The engine sound is the most important but I am looking into other sounds as well (skids, gearbox noises, etc). My plan is to start with the engine sounds. I will need engine sounds at several different engine speeds and I plan to layer these on top of each other in FMOD studio and have the game mix them based on the RPM of the engine. This, AFAIK, is how engine sounds are usually done (feel free to post any and all info about how to do these things, in case you have good links).

So, where should I look for sounds like this? I don't expect to find good ones for free some I am ready to pay (a bit) for them. Naturally the sound needs to fit the particular vehicle, but I figured I should start somewhere, so the exact engine model does not matter all that much right now.


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