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In Need of direction

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On 6/13/2019 at 10:09 AM, jbadams said:

You're welcome, glad you found some of it helpful. :)


How have you gone in the meantime, have you made some progress with your learnings @bigmacmuffin?

As I dug deeper and deeper into game development, oh boy do I need to learn a lot of technicalities.

First off, I need to know my limits (my hardware capabilities on which I can render graphics etc.) so to as not "AIM" for complicated 3D designs in Unreal engine.

I also need to do world building, create a story of which I myself can enjoy as well as the people who will enter the world I have created.

It is hard to animate with a mouse(would be nice to grab myself one of those drawing pads to make it easier.

I also came across a seasoned audio engineer who can help me in the future which my sound needs.

I would really want to see this through and I know my 1st game would not be a success( maybe the 50th game would be) but this is one of my life goals. Right went my dad brought home that NES family computer I fell in love with games and making games.

well for now I think I will start with 2d games since im only using and I3 laptop with built in graphics, it is not fast but I know for sure can at least make do with 2d graphics.

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it is said the first project one should try is to make a pong-like game on whatever engine you're using.

you just need a circle or sphere and two bars or walls as props.

world building and other complex or niche skills come right after

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