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Mobile [Android] Shapes And Holes

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Shapes And Holes

A new puzzle/arcade game with simple rules but addictive gameplay.

Match shapes and holes. Colors don't matter, only forms. Looks like a chalenge for kids? But it's not so easy when time is ticking, colors are different and shapes are running away, going invisible or you need to count them. Complete the campaign of 65 levels with different rules and tiles. Or play levels with infinite time for a high score.


Going to release in few days. Would appreciate for your opinion and testing.


Available for testing on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CatsHeadsGames.ShapesAndHolesLite

Gameplay video: 


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Falling Tiles - maybe the most interesting rules in the game for a play with infinite time. The tiles on the screen are constantly falling down and to roll them back you need to find a matching pair. But when you find a pair, the speed of falling increases and appears a new type of tile (new form of a shape or hole). So speed is going higher and higher, more and more different tiles on the screen, less and less time to think. The only question is how many points you can get before fail.

In campaign mode the number of tiles is limited and speed doesn't increase. Your task is to clear the area and don't let the tiles to fell down. Also there can be not only a single area but i.e. two areas which are moving in different directions.



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Released a new winter campaign. 

It has more casual style with cute pixel-art graphics. Added a 'strategic view' with a small village. Each completed level changes something in the village. 



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Added a split-screen mode for two players. Found pairs by one player make the game harder for another player (more types of shapes appear and speed is higher). 


I see the gameplay trailer is not available anymore, and I can't change the first message. So here's another trailer.



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