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[Requesting Feedback] 2D Game

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I've made a simple 2D game to test Interpolation concepts and I don't seem to be catching on. (you can see this in action when the game is in fullscreen mode [minimizing the FPS])

any tips on how to improve any of this is appreciated, all feedback is accepted and all contributors are welcome to add to source code on git.




This is a basic 'bounce the ball around'  type of game and once it hits the ground you lose. (im adding more complex mechanics later like brick breaking, number crunching and alien attacks)

The game is playable, it includes points, hit sounds, background music and an AI based player that will compete for your highscore.

Sounds are kinda buggy, and I don't know if should have another Thread just to handle it. (any opinions would be nice as i've never worked with sound before)




Download/View source code.


[GIT] Game & Source Code Download



MEDIA - (not the best poses but you get the point)


http://prntscr.com/lxrl53  - "Player in mid-game"
http://prntscr.com/lxrpgw - "AI Player finally losing"



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