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Unity RPG Revival (Morrowind, Mount & Blade)

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Note: COPY THE DISCORD LINK DIRECTLY INTO THE APP to get it to work properly. Some users have been reporting issues with just clicking it.

If your line of work in game development resides in the Unity 3D editor or does not require a game engine at all (Such as a 3D-Modeler or concept artist) then feel free to continue reading.

Who Am I?

My name is Jett Spaulding. I consider myself to be an experienced level designer with great understanding of what/how people want in a level of a video game for maximum immersion. My goals in level design are based on feeling, relevance, and accuracy. (Accuracy does not mean realism. In this case it means the setting of the map fits the idea of the game lore/mechanics and stays relative to ideas set in story pitch, etc.).

In terms of my skill level, I am familiar with light-mapping, LOD levels, and other various optimization techniques.

Not only am I a level designer, but I am an advanced Unity user, am familiar with the UI and the engine itself. I have used Unity for 8 years.

Here are some scenes I've created: 

Great Kingdom


Northwynne Village

My Goal

My goal is to assemble a team (NOT LEAD ONE) that is invested in creating a game based on classic core RPG elements. (Agility, strength, magic, etc.) and creating this kind of game is just what we will do. 

The Game

As seen in the title, the game will be based on classic RPG elements as seen from games like Morrowind and the Mount & Blade series.  The game will have an open world based adventure style, though separate provinces can have different scenes (If we decide on provinces). I would like to have multiple races and/or character types to give more variety to starting values, but that will ultimately be determined by what we all decide. The game will not be turn based, but rather follow (again) the combat style of Morrowind/Mount & Blade.

Philosophy & Team

This team will not be ideal for new users in their category of work. You are RECOMMENDED to be intermediate in your field, whatever that may be. Learning and giving/receiving advice is always acceptable though, as it should be in every work place. We just can't train everyone that comes in. The team will be fun and will be able to joke around, because I am a firm believer that if one spends all of his/her time on work he/she will get burned out before any real progress is made at all. Due to a variety of work and chatter within the team, I am using a Discord server to manage team chat. There will be channels for joking, and there will be channels for work.

Who Does This Team Need?

We need intermediate workers and people experienced with the Unity 3D Engine (Due to forum rules, I cannot require that you have a set amount of experience, but it is strongly advised). So I call out to all who meet this RECOMMENDED skill level: JOIN THIS TEAM. I wold love to work with you guys, whoever you are!

Profit Share?

For now? No.

That is something the team will need to discuss. I am not in a good enough financial setting to set a system up myself, but that doesn't mean it can't later be included by a team member/members in a better financial situation!

Where Do I Sign Up??

Those interested can either reply here, or join the server on Discord! (Those joining the public Discord server will get quicker responses and can ask all the questions they want!)

Discord server: https://discord.gg/AGHeM5J

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Sounds like an interesting project. Are you still in need of more people?
My main talent is in music composition, but I have been developing my art portfolio recently too.

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