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[IDEA] Modern Coffin

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Hey guys! I've been developing an idea for a small indie bullet hell game called Modern Coffin. 

Imagine this. The title screen fades up with lore about these ancient grim-reaper-esque soldiers called Violet Eyes (or something like that), and in order to stay alive they must eat someone's soul every month or so, the way they keep track of their hunger is the shade of their eyes (they start out a near-white violet and eventually descend to a deep purple.) The Violet Soldiers have certain weapons that follow a sort of food chain. from least to most powerful, it goes from a small throwing blade, a broadsword, a knife, a scythe, a sickle, a scythe, a pen, a hammer, and a bottle of nail polish. With enough practice, these people can summon them at will. but heres the kicker. when someone who isnt a Violet Soldier touches one of the weapons, their eyes turn that near-white shade of violet, and they keep turning deeper until eventually they die. However, when that happens, they inherit a slightly less powerful version of the weapon they touched, and they must kill the owner within a month in order to stay alive, in which case they inherit the real weapon. Even the Violet Eyes chase after each other, since when a VS has multiple weapons, they combine, and the VS grows stronger. Noone quite knows what would happen if one were to have all of them at once.

The player wakes up in the middle of the night to a failed assassination attempt from the weakest Violet soldier (The first guardian,) to which they instinctively try to grab the weapon, the true world fades in, ridden with tortured souls, the players eyes turn violet, and they must attempt to track down and kill the first guardian, and then decide if they want to spend the rest of the game just killing people as a transitioned violet soldier, or if they want to try to gain all the weapons. If they choose to try to gain all of the weapons, two more choices will present themselves. I wont spoil too much.

The GUI i've been using for battles is pretty similar to that of undertale, but i'm working to make one that's less derivative. I've got a simple piece of concept art for one of the guardians, and if any of you have any suggestions, GUI, Concept, or otherwise, please let me know!!! ^^


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If it's going to be a bullet hell game:

  • None of the mentioned weapons (by the way, you list "scythe" twice) seems suitable as a source of bullet hell. Traditional choices include firearms and magical blasts, or a steady stream of darts, knives, shuriken, sickles or other throwing weapons out of nowhere.
  • Depending on salvaged Violet Soldier weapons doesn't work well at the beginning of the game: what other weapons does the player starts with?
  • In general, the described background doesn't seem very relevant or useful. For example, where does the battle take place? What do the enemies look like?

If it's going to be a game about looting weapons:

  • Are multiple identical weapons, from multiple defeated identical enemies, going to be useful of redundant?
  • If getting a weapon is a big deal, are there any minor pickup items to keep the player busy?
  • If all weapons can be combined, are there nontrivial weapon selection decisions for the player?
  • What happens if the player fails to collect a weapon, falling behind the expected power curve? Suggestion: collect weapons automatically after the defeat of mandatory bosses. In other words, victory or death.

If it's going to be a game about vampire-like Violet soldiers:

  • What's the point of turning the player into one of them? A renegade "good" Violet Soldier would operate similarly with less complications.
  • What's the purpose of the convoluted weapon-touching curse? Can't you simply have the player exterminate a variety of major enemies with strong weapons and lesser enemies with weaker variants of the same weapons?
  • How can a mechanic with a time scale of weeks matter in an action game? If you want to force the player to "consume" enemies, recharging life force or magical energy would be more straightforward, and merely collecting their weapons might be a sufficient motivation.


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