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CScriptDictionary static initializer crash

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I haven't been able to fully figure out what's going on yet, but this seems to crash on Windows with a "bad_alloc" exception, when put outside of a function:

dictionary g_thing = {
	{ "key", "value" }

I reverted to an earlier version of CScriptDictionary and there it doesn't happen. Seems like the difference is some GC enum things?

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I haven't been able to reproduce this problem.

Do you have any customization of the library or add-ons in your code that I need to know of?

Did you make sure you have all the latest files from the SDK? (you did have the problem of not updating all the files before too 😉)

Here's the test case I wrote to attempt to reproduce the problem. Does this reproduce it for you?

		engine = asCreateScriptEngine();
		engine->SetMessageCallback(asMETHOD(CBufferedOutStream, Callback), &bout, asCALL_THISCALL);
		bout.buffer = "";

		RegisterStdString(engine); // Register string type as ref type
		RegisterScriptArray(engine, false);

		mod = engine->GetModule("test", asGM_ALWAYS_CREATE);
			"dictionary g_thing = { \n"
			"	{ 'key', 'value' } \n"
			"}; \n");
		r = mod->Build();
		if (r < 0)

		if (bout.buffer != "")
			PRINTF("%s", bout.buffer.c_str());


Note, I have other test cases already with global dictionaries being initialized like this, so it really shouldn't be something that slipped through the regression testing done with each check-in.

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Ah I see, you were totally right. So I did make a few changes that were required in my case that I unknowingly overwrote when copying the new changes. Consider this report invalid. :)

In the header file for the dictionary I changed the typedef for "dictKey_t" and also "dictMap_t" in order to use a custom string type that doesn't provide a hashing function yet.

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