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PC Online co-op game

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So… i am new to the forum, but… this is my question

some friends and i decided to make a rpg game, but during the discussion of how the game would be, the idea of a online co-op game came.

My question is, wich engine is the better for we use it?

The game features are

Only 2 characters, wich player would control one

Graphics: Pixelated, like the old final fantasy of SNES

The game would have a Variety of finals, and the choices of the two players would interfere at At the end of the two.

I think it is a A little too ambitious for beginners, but we also want to learn and the delay is not something that worries us much.

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Try out different engines and don’t just restrict yourself to unreal engine and unity. Try out as many as you can eg RPG maker.

in the end, choose the one you’re most comfortable with which can achieve your aims. It’s no good choosing an engine that many others have used just because “it’s industry standard”, if that means you can’t create the game within a sensible timeframe. Remember that computer power marches on as you are writing the game and you don’t want it to feel like the player is playing pac man on an Atari VCS by the time you’ve finished it, in terms of technology advancement. Imagine if it took 20 years to write quake and it was just being released now, but still looked like it would have 20 years ago.

time really is of the essance and the only resource you can never reclaim or make more of.

Good luck!

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