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2019 New Years resolution for us all

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Hi all

for all of us who’ve had the same game in development since last New Year’s Eve, ongoing through all of 2018, I propose that we make a promise to ourselves and others that 2019 will be the year we release our game.

Perhaps we’ve been making excuses or just struggling to find time to finish it off, we should all agree to finish development of our current game (and maybe start another) in 2019.

lets call it an achievable New Years resolution.

i’m in, what are everyone’s thoughts?

Happy new year!

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Very admirable!

I have two Android games on the go, but to be honest I'm at odds with touchscreen controls and OS versions.  Trying to remain motivated but my heart isn't quite in it.  I think I might ditch one and focus on the other...

On a more positive note, I purchased an Oculus Go before Christmas and have taken to it like a fish to water.  Barely know any C# and minimal experience with Unity, but with years of Java and 3D modelling projects...its all coming together.  I don't think I want to make games as such but interactive virtual worlds.

My resolution is to get work in Mobile VR.

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