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[C#] - Recommend me a resource to learn more about Polymorphism, Virtual Methods, and Abstract Classes and more.. etc

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I have been learning C# from scratch using a book called The C# Player's Guide. For the most part I found it really good, but as it moved into more advanced concepts I stated to find it less and less helpful. There are some topics where I felt I was basically readying a wikipedia article just giving a cursory explanation of a concept.

I'm looking for more information on Polymorphism, Virtual Methods, and Abstract Classes... Strutcs also.

I would prefer a book to buy and what I really need is something with exercises to practice what it is talking about if possible.

Would anyone have any suggestions for learn programming books that cover these topics in detail?

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The best way to learn these concepts is by playing with them.

want to learn about polymorphism? Fire up visual studio, create a program with a list of polymorphic objects and step through the code in the debugger. 

Ask yourself what sort of problems might this solve?

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One thing to point out with all these new things you are about to learn is they are tools in your toolbox. Each has a problem it can solve and you should always use the right tool for the right job.

There are some older books, usually C++ books if I'm honest, which will use polymorphism and inheritance to solve near every problem, basically using the screwdriver to bash in a nail.

With C# most of the documentation is more modern and avoids such advice, take everything you read as one of many examples and use multiple sources to learn.


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