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3D Hand Painted Characters & Game Assets

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Here is some of my work, anyone interested in making something happen? Asset pack, game dev, whatever, just need someone active. Preferably UE4. I've started a game concept, with the beginnings of GDD, but need people willing to contribute to ideas, GDD, etc. Doesn't have to be "my game".


I've got a huge stockpile of assets like Barrels, Crates, Fences, Modular wood, stone, hand painted grass textures, Walls, Doors, Windows, Panels, Roofing, Columns, Stairs, Characters, Weapons, Chests, Minion models, Some foliage, all licensed to me (Via Blender), just waiting to be used.


I'm definitely not the best, but I'm about to Graduate with a GD Bachelors. All C to AAA game company positions seem so stressful and competitive according to contacts that I've accumulated during the years. I really don't care to pursue that career outside the realm of producing my own games with qualified people. I've got a great job as is, plenty of time to work on my projects, Just need competent partners to produce games. If you are the best of the best, but only respond to tasks once a month, It's not worth the time. Be active, Motivated and capable - even if you aren't the best... Want to learn, progress and potentially make money. That's the GOAL.

Sorry for the wall of text, Just easier to get it out there before going through the meeting process to get nowhere. 



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