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Gameplay Would Like a Text Adventure Testor(s)

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Hi everyone. First time here, not sure I have this post in the right thread, so forgive me if I do not.

I write in several languages, depends on needs and mood LOL, Currently I've been visiting my DOS DAYS of gaming and wrote a few quick ones. Currently working on a text adventure. Like those of old days (Get key, open box etc...part of the fun was figuring out two word combos), but with modern story line and mechanics. So am curious where could I find the right type of gamer that likes these types of game to test it.

The story line is weak as it is just a rough draft while I complete it both the engine and the game. What I would be looking for is the interaction part. Do the rooms link up right, do the puzzles make sense, do they even fit with the story line etc... There will be tyupos in the story (did you catch that LOL ). Once the game can be played in its entirety, I will go back and flesh out the story better.

So if anyone is interest.. let me know. The release will be far apart, as I am working on a few other projects as well, not to mention I take care of several properties and that keeps me busy,

The story is called "The Apartment", and is a haunted thriller about a girl (who you play) that got stuck in this abandon apartment while jogging to escape a freak storm, only to find herself stuck there. Find your way out, and what coincident pulled you there (wooooooooo...). Since I am a huge gamer (600+ games in steam alone), I pulled several mechanics and story lines from some of the best games and made a new one. I think it works (even nabbed on idea from a great movie).


thanks again if you read this far..

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