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[Artist] Ramu Games is looking for a Pixel Artist (Full Game Demo Inside)

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Hi, we are Ramu Games.

Our team currently consists of a programmer/designer, a writer, an artist, a musician, and another programmer. We are looking to expand.


We currently have a full demo (minimal viable product) built and that can be viewed here.

The demo shown is actually back from our January build, so there has been a lot of progress on the game since.

The video starts at the "battle" portion of the game which is what the pixel artist will be working on. The fully animated battle animations are actually not a part of the current scope, so that will not be a part of required work.

***The story and features shown in the demo do not fully represent the final product.

***All assets shown in the demo are placeholders only and are not being distributed.

Watch Full Game Demo Here



We are looking for an Artist to join our team.

Our project is at a point where we are looking for a Pixel Artist to join the project and bring about the creation of the game’s original art direction in this area. Our team encourages each member of the team to “own” their particular skill area in order to allow them to build and create something they are passionate about.

Our scope has been kept to a minimum in this area and the work required is very feasible.


Game Project:

Think Persona (Shin Megami Tensei) and Fire Emblem combined.


  • Turn-based Tactical RPG
  • Life Simulator
  • Visual Novel


  • Design Game's Pixel Art Style
  • Create Pixel Character Art
  • Create Pixel Tile Art


  • Revenue Share - We will provide our revenue share policy.


  • Work For Hire Contract


  • Email: ramu.games.mail [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Thank you.

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