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One more question, it's for my main hero character

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11 minutes ago, Septopus said:

You are absolutely rabid.  hahaha..  Make your game already, wait 'til you have something to criticize before you worry about the critics. 

This right here is called analysis-paralysis and it never goes anywhere fruitful. ;)

Haha really? Is it a common thing to occur or am I the only one? :/ 

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rofl!! :D  We all get stuck with it from time to time, though I think you've got a particularly strong variety at the moment. ;)   Don't go analyzing this now. 

Make. Your. Game.

Find the fun in what you are doing, and keep an eye on that.  Make that your focus, everything else is a detail you can change later if you need to.

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Okay, and I should not worry right now about how others perceive a female Native American mixed martial artist or a muscular monk right :D


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Sounds good! I really need to focus on those mechanics I think that will help overshadow most concerns those have for a characters race or body type. The playstyle should help take away most of that focus cause that's what will help sell the most right?

I had in mind a similar Smash Bros concept maybe with a dynamic camera view changing around the characters, maybe more in a more 3D perspective. Or I could go with that multi camera view like an Overwatch match or Halo's King of the Hill battle but in a fighting style form?

Which sounds more potential? The Smash style? Or each player having their own camera view ala Halo/Overwatch?

Or is this the wrong place to ask about this? :(


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Ahahaha... yes. 

The answer is yes, just yes.

If it's what you want to do then make it work.  If you can't make it work, do something else until something does.

Quit asking for permission..  Draw/Write/Imagine up your vision, then pick a direction and run full speed with all this energy you have until you hit an actual wall, then ask for better directions.  ;) 

There's no one way is better than another and there's no one way has more potential than another, only you can figure out what you can do by trying it out.  This isn't an easy task, game making, so expect to fail and have to redo things, often..  You can't succeed without it.

Remember, camera angles and clothing choices can all be changed later my friend. ;)

Quit worrying about the frosting and bake the cake!! :D

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