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Unreal [Puzzle Builder] Seeking New Members

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We are currently seeking new members for our team, before applying you must be aware that we are seeking people that are 100% committed to this project, you must be reachable, and have general be actively online, otherwise I ask nicely that you do not apply.
The persons we are seeking are experienced Programmers with knowledge in C++, Unreal, Optimization, P2P,  and world generation much like Minecraft.

Generalists that understand the Unreal Engine, Animators & Rigging for Human, Non Human and Objects, Lastly someone that can do Sound fx and Music, the themes are volatile.


About The Game.

Journeys Frontier is a puzzle platform video game created by Brad & Brandon and is a project submitted for the Virtus Game Jam of January 2019. The game follows the adventures of The Journey a race of space travellers.

The game has a large emphasis on game play rather than being story-driven. The idea for the final version of the game is too put a strong emphasis on user-generated content and will be based on the Create Share Play approach.

In single player the player will have to solve game created levels and puzzle while facing a time limit due to black hole eating away the planet the goal is to obtain parts to fix your spaceship and escape the planet.

Playing with others online creating new content using the in-game creation tools and sharing creations and discoveries online with other players is our next goal for the game.


Controls - 

WASD to Move - Left shift to Run - Space Bar to Jump

Left Mouse Button to pick up block - Right Mouse Button to place block

Interact with chests and the ship with E

Use the orange blocks to make getting to new areas easy.

Collect Stars along the way to increase your lives. 

This game was made for the Virtus Game Jam 

Theme Armageddon.

Now that the game Jam is almost over we plan to gather more members and continue with the game. 




Contact Information


or Discord 








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Update and major changes, we have been working on building using blocks and world voxel, We can also now support 8k textures on the blocks for high range PC's, our idea is the create a game that allows the player to create there own worlds, heavily focusing on the RPG aspect, we plan to add many features that make building easy, Ill create a to do list and go from there, we are also still looking for a sound creator for in game sounds.

Here is our latest progress,





Were supporting both FP and Third, also yes if you are wondering this game will have as much freedom in building as minecraft does, but will be very different once we finish all game plays features and style of the game

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