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Alex Humberstone

hey guys i'm a music producer trying to get into game music

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hey guys im an established music producer within an underground music genre 

melodic progressive house, been making music for 9 years now and to be honest the money is terrible and really hard to make a living off of 

so i thought of side projects i could do and i really love gaming so i thought id go for trying to make music for video games on the side and continued doing my music primarily

this is pretty much my first attempt at trying to do some music for games (would love to get into scifi/rpg games also racing games as i can make house music ) 

i came up with this in an hour 

wrote everything and made the synths 

this is a bogus soundcloud (only use it for private stuff) cant afford sc pro 



you can check my other stuff on youtube if you like 




i really don't know where to start to try get into making music for video games if anyone could help me i'd really appreciate it 


thanks guys 


alex h


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The mood is really nice! I also enjoyed the production. My only comment is you need to be aware of the interactive aspects of game audio. Your track could work very nicely in certain game settings but can you create a full OST that would highlight different actions and scenarios the player(s) are put in? You mention wanting to get into Sci Fi - RPG and racing style games but this track is very chill and ambient. And, in my opinion, wouldn't fit in most common games in those genres. Well, it could work as a menu track in a racing game. I would spend some time researching and studying each of those genres to see how the OST are constructed. 

I hope that helps! 



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I would be more than willing to help, Alex. I would first suggest learning as much about video-game composing and implementation as you can, because developers are more willing to hire someone with excellent integration abilities even if their composing is nothing special. Get into learning about Fmod and Wwise now as they are valuable tools down the line. Of course knowledge without application is useless, so apply one thing you learn each day.

To start, I would suggest building a strong portfolio that is connected with a type of gaming genre. This is where your music background could come in handy, as you can probably automatically connect some of your music to some sort of game footage to show in your portfolio. However, for your practice, I recommend selecting some key words that could describe a person, place, or thing and try scoring based on what you feel. At the end, show the music to your friends and family and see if they can guess the words you based the music on. This is terrific practice for when a developer actually tells you to write music based on a few descriptions.

The #1 goal in video-game composing is ... cultivating relationships. People will always choose friends to hire over a random stranger who pushes his music on them. Join groups on Facebook (Sonic Storytellers, G.A.N.G., Business Skills for Composers just to name a few favorites), like, comment, and share posts by devs on Twitter. Be a part and personality of the conversation and not just a observer. Ultimately, at the end, don't forget to give back and help a younger composer because you never know who might just be the next bit hit.

Hoped I helped you in your musical journey. Please message me back if you have any questions.

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