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CB!Painted Plummet: an Undertale AU fangame

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Click on the thing above before you say I need permission. I am allowed to do this, provided I follow these guidelines.

Now, onto the main subject.

CB!Painted Plummet is a take on the Undertale AU, Painted Plummet, in which YouTube Animators replace the main characters. So JaidenAnimations would be Sans, TheOdd1sOut would be Papyrus, etc.

I'm posting this here because I am planning on making a game of this, and I'd love keep to hear any ideas you guys might have for the game! Game mechanics, any animators you might know that I don't, anything!

If you want more information on this take, I have a Trello Board here!


I'm still figuring stuff out, but I'll get it all in!

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