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How to use GameDev's "Projects" page?

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Are the "Project" pages at GameDev "How to use GameDev's "https://www.gamedev.net/projects/" suposed to be used for finished projects.. or projects in progress? Looking at the listed projects they seem to be at least at a version 1 or beat phase... or something

I am just not sure exactly how these things are supposed to be used. They are only a single page as far as I can tell and do not appear to have versions of histories or a place to discuss the project... Is it basically just a link list of completed things?


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We don't really have guidelines on how they "should" be used, but they're definitely not intended to be just for completed projects - although they certainly can be used for that. 

GameDev.net blog updates (and galleries!) integrate with the project pages so that you can automatically show recent updates on a Project page, which makes it perfect for a project in progress.


Some ideas for things you can do with Project pages:

 - Use as a landing page for a game (or other related project) in progress where people can see updates, etc. on your progress.

 - Use as a press kit, to help show off your complete or near-complete project.

 - Use to help recruit for a project you can't complete alone.


There is a basic comments section, although so far not people seem to be using them.


Projects is a relatively new feature that we're still working on, so if you've got any feedback or ideas for it we'd love to hear them! :)

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Right now, Projects are effectively a showcase for your work. In addition to what @jbadams said, Projects are also intended for developing your GameDev Portfolio here on GDNet. Visitors to your profile can see them under the Projects tab, for instance.

One of the Project options is also for the development status of the Project, and it can range from an early concept phase all the way to released and commercially available, including links to things like Steam and other stores.

And of course Projects offer a place where you can make it easy for others to download and check out your in-progress work without having to setup something yourself.

Does that help? :)  Are there other features that you think might be useful?

The comment about history and revisions is an interesting idea and a bit related to some other Project ideas of tying into a revision control system like GitHub or Gitlab. 

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