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"Every single pixel is simulated"

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Hi there,

I've been absolutely fascinated by Noita trailers, and gameplay videos.


Their pitch is that every single pixel is simulated. How does it work exactly?

I'm trying to take another game as example, let's say Oxygen Not Included, tiles have properties such as material, temperature, quality of air, pressure, etc...

It's actually very easy to understand how to model these kind of data. It can just be a massive grid, each element of that grid is a tile, tiles are regrouped by chunks. A chunk getting a change would be set to dirty, then get reupdated, etc... Of course it's not easy to make, but it's easy to understand,

Now what about Noita? Could it be the same way to model the environment, but at the level of a pixel instead of a tile? Would that not be way too costly?

Just trying to wrap my head around the concept...



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It looks like a cross between a lot of tech.

1) coarse fluid simulation layer to provide forces which push loose things around with (like say, Plasma Pong)

2) per-pixel simulation like any "Falling Sand Game" (eg. https://sandspiel.club/)

3) regular particle engine for some effects.

4) possibly some coarse particle-fluid simulation similar to pixeljunk shooter

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