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R&D Question About Mat Buckland's Programming Game AI by Example book.

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I recently read Mat Buckland's Programming Game AI by Example book, I also watched Dave Mark's Utility Based AI GDC videos. And I'm confused about the difference of Goal Driven Agent's and Utility Based Agent's. 

In Goal-Driven Agent Behavior section of Programming Game AI by Example, Mat Buckland wrote formulas for deciding which goal to be selected. And as I understand, in Uitlity Based AI characters also selecting goals(actions) based on some formula(curve formulas for example). 

Is the Goal-Driven Agent Behavior section of Programming Game AI by Example written wrong or the only difference between Goal Based AI and Utility Based AI is curves for selecting goals(actions)?

Thank you.

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I'll have to look at Mat's book again, but I didn't invent "utility AI" (although I may have popularized the use of that term for it). People have been using math in various forms and levels of complexity to make decisions since the beginning. People even use formulas and whatnot for edge weights in planners or in selector nodes in a behavior tree. However, that doesn't necessarily make planners or BTs "utility based AI" as I refer to it. (And my definition of such has changed over the past 6 years anyway since I have my own stand-alone utility-based decision architecture.)

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