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Windows 10 makes old games crash fullscreen

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Windows 10 makes old games crash fullscreen when pressing alt+tab or alt+F4.

What can you do ?, a lot of people have it, i searched for it,

they advice to use windowed mode.


Should i wait until microsoft fix this ?

Why would they make a update to make things worse ?

What did they change so the games crash ?


Any better information ?


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DirectX 9 is extremely old(in tech terms) and no longer directly supported by modern hardware.  This means that all modern systems that support it have to emulate the hardware, there is also really no financial motivation for them to fix bugs like this because DirectX9 is no longer a supported platform...  This is how games eventually become completely obsoleted, even though the modern hardware is fully able to handle what it is trying to do, it just doesn't speak the same language anymore...  It happens to even the best of them eventually.

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ALT-Tab caused a lot of headaches in for DX9 games. Lots of games would crash on ALT-Tab even back on Windows XP (I knew of a few games that tried to hook ALT-Tab to prevent you from doing it). Most likely what's happening is the Lost Device behavior in Win10 is a little different than what it used to be back on XP or whatever OS the game was originally developed for, and they don't handle the new behavior correctly. It can also be an issue in newer versions of Nvidia/AMD/Intel drivers, and might not have anything to do with Win10.

Anyhow, this is a programming forum, and isn't really the place for tech support for getting your games to work. If you want to keep discussing the technical aspects of DX9 and Win10 that's fine, but if you just want to get your games running then you'll want to go elsewhere. Some advice: you'll probably have more luck if you actually name some of these games that are crashing for you, instead of just saying "DirectX 9 games". There are probably hundred or even thousands of DX9 games in existence, and you'll probably want to narrow it down from that. 😉

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I might be installing a newer DirectX and start over again.

The problem is i like to release my DX9 game. ( a bit late )

If the persons who plays get these crashes that you have to turn of the power : they will blame it on my game.


I have a

ATI Radeon HD 5850

thanks to a donation

It can handle DX11.2

DX11.2 is ok without problems ?


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Yes, D3D 11 is still quite modern.  D3D9 is over 14 years old at this point.  Releasing a D3D9 game (other then for free) would be a technical support nightmare in 2019.  

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