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Sound Master

Please remove the facebook link next to the scroll bar

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Dont you see the problem ?

I think its good now, havent clicked facebook all day.

Thanks admin.

Edited by Sound Master

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4 hours ago, Sound Master said:

The scrollbar is there so i,m using it whatever reason i have.

You're free to use whatever you want how you want within legal bounds of course.  But don't complain about a site that requires ad revenue to stay open placing ads because your mouse is broken or you choose to use something a particular way.  It's not like you only have the one option for scrolling content on the site anyway :)

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Hello everyone, just a reminder that this a friendly and welcoming community.  Please try to keep that spirit in mind when replying.  If someone wants to use the site in a different way than you (using the browser's scrollbar rather than a mouse wheel or keyboard to navigate for example) that's their decision.


13 hours ago, Sound Master said:

How do i block some persons ?

In the profile dropdown menu (icon is your display picture -- in your case an 'S' as you haven't set any image) in the upper right of the site, choose ignored users.  Search for the username of the member you wish to block, select the options (you can ignore posts on the site, private messages, signatures, or @ mentions) you would like and click "add user".

Keep in mind that if you're ignoring posts on the site, conversations involving the members you have ignored may be hard to follow if other people are responding to them.

Hope that helps! :)

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