Hi, so i found out hacking the visual studio 2017 to install offline would be illegal. My friend noted me there are also free compilers ( non microsoft ), something like Codeblocks, with a MingW ? compiler.   Normally i would use only microsoft compilers to build windows applications, that sounds logical. Now i like to install some other compiler, only i am worryd about the performance. Performance is the key to success for me, the compiler plays a huge role in this.   So how bad are those free compilers compared to the real microsoft ones ? Anyone using another compiler then visual studio ?   What compiler can you suggest ?, it has to be for offline installation and running. I dont understand why microsoft makes you build aplications only online ?, where is the logic behind that ?, i dont want to leak any codes.   Is there stand alone compiler from microsoft without the edittor ?, some sort of plugin for edittors to build applications ? Just like you plug in a mingw compiler into codeblocks or something?, then i would like to add microsoft to codeblocks.   thanks in advance