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eventjs -- open source JavaScript library for event dispatcher and callback list

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Facts and features

  • Powerful
    • Supports synchronous event dispatching and asynchronous event queue.
    • Supports event filter via mixins.
    • Configurable and extensible.
  • Robust
    • Supports nested event. During the process of handling an event, a listener can safely dispatch event and append/prepend/insert/remove other listeners.
    • Doesn't depend on HTML DOM. eventjs works for non-browser environment.
    • Well tested. Backed by unit tests.
  • Fast
    • Much faster than HTML DOM event listener system.
    • The EventQueue can process 5M events in 1 second (5K events per millisecond, when there are 100 event in the queue).
    • The CallbackList can invoke 1M callbacks in 1 second (1000 callbacks per millisecond).

For detailed introduction, source code, documentations, please visit github

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