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Interested in the Twitch AWS Extensions Challenge?

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Hi Everyone👋 We have an exciting hackathon happening and it's dishing out some awesome prizes! The Twitch AWS Extensions Challenge is asking devs (compete as an individual, team or organization) to elevate the streaming experience with Twitch Extensions powered by AWS tools.

Below are the basic details of the hackathon for you to check out or share with your community:

Twitch AWS Extensions Challenge
Build Twitch Extensions for viewers, broadcasters, or both. Extensions can be in any category and any theme, as long as it uses integrates at least one AWS service.
- Prizes: Up to $26,500 in cash and prizes
- Get started today! Deadline: February 26, 2019
- Learn more and register at http://bit.ly/2RTGhG4

If you have any questions just give Cassie a shout: cassie@devpost.com


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