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Project BlockchainZ [Available on itch.io]

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Hi everybody,
Welcome to Project BlockchainZ, the code name for the video game prototype me and my colleagues are working so hard. It's a Third Person Shooter video game with RPG and Real Time Tactics mechanics. The game prototype is already available on itch.io:
Game Storyline
Nobody could imagine the falling of the whole world until the deaths woke up. That nonliving ones became something we cannot consider as human being. They changed into a new creature, stronger, more frightening, and almost unbeatable. Society broke in pieces and the few ones alive had to survive at any cost.
As the Major of a ranger platoon you must protect a bunker crowded of helpless people until the reinforcements arrive.
There’s only one way to kill the damn zombies: the BlockchainZ Ammo.
Search for the BlockchainZ Ammo and destroy the hordes of zombies, but beware of the raiders: they will take your BlockchainZ Ammo whatever it takes.
Right now the Raiders have all the BlockchainZ ammo, you must fight them and spoil it, but be on guard, they will counterattack.
Remember, the survival of the people depends on you. Don’t let them down!
Once you start playing Project BlockchainZ, you must defend the bunker against the hordes of zombies and raiders on a fixed map where you'll fight with your troops and traps.
The bunker is basically the main area where you'll not only have to keep the people within alive, but also yourself during the reinforcements arrive.
The zombies are extremely resistant, so you will need a type of ammo called BlockchainZ, which contains a very strong poison that acts directly against the brain traveling through the body.
The BlockchainZ Ammo is hidden in Raiders Storages and you must spoil it from them. The more  B-Z Ammo you spoil, the more Raiders will attack you, increasing the game difficulty level.
  • Third Person Shooter.
  • Tactical map to manage your troops across the battle.
  • Deploy defensive elements to direct the action where you want.
  • Post apocalypse - scify style.
  • RPG character development.
Feedback is so welcome! Please, join our Official Discord Server.
This video game is like a big blank canvas. Right now, we really need the community feedback in order to get a good balance in the gameplay. So, we will update this thread to show you our improvements. Hope you download Project BlockchainZ and enjoy playing it. Any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for all the support!
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Hi everybody,


We just uploaded a new frresh video in YouTube and wanna show you this battle. We believe it looks pretty cool. So, hordes of zombies are coming from all everywhere, and you must command your soldiers and prepare the battlefield to defend your position. This is the strategy I took to save the troop:


What would you do to defend your position? Remember to join our Discord Server


Project BlockchainZ is already available on itch.io !

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[BzLog 2]: SciFy storyline + Gameplay


Project BlockchainZ is already available on itch.io. You are so welcome to enjoy our Discord Server.


Scify Storyline

Far away in the future, the world has fell down and there’s no hope for the hopeless. Society is completely broken in pieces and the few humans alive try to survive at any cost. The whole planet is crowded of buildings burned to the ground. Cities have just became into ruins. But we are not alone. This is not our world anymore. We are sharing this shattered planet with something we get used to calling the dead ones but they are not now.

Project BlockchainZ - Zombies are coming

We created them. We created these creatures in the glory days of our society, when technologies were on the top of the world and we felt capable to return the deceased back to life. It took us a long time of failures to understand that death is something we cannot revert. And we tried to revert it so hard.

Project BlockchainZ - Zombies are coming

Now, these nonliving creatures are walking around the world, eating us, feeding themselves with our blood and beating our meat. Our bodies are just their fuel for life. What a terrible irony: living deaths killing the living ones.


That’s the word we try not to tell. Because that simple meaning do freeze our breaths. They are not just ordinary zombies, like movies always claimed. These creatures are stronger, incredibly resistant and very, very frightening. Just imagine for a while that you meet with something extremely capable to kill you. What would you do?

Project BlockchainZ - Aim, shoot and reload


That’s the only purpose of the life.  And there’s only one way to kill zombies: BlockchainZ Ammo, a type of munition especially made to kill living dead, based in a very strong poison which attacks the zombie brain.

Project BlockchainZ - Find Cover



Once you are ready to play this game, you must understand there are some critical situations you will have to pass through:


  • You must protect the bunker until the reinforcements arrive.
  • You have to kill whoever and whatever attacks you. People protection depends on you.
  • You must clean the key places infested by zombies.
  • You need to spoil as much as Bz Ammo as possible to the raiders in order to kill the living dead. But remember: raiders will counterattack.
  • Be careful with the hordes of zombies. Once they arrive, there is no way out.
  • The world is based in a completely ruined city. And this city is your worst enemy.


Wanna ask you something: how many zombies are you capable to kill in just one battle?


Remember to join us on Discord!

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[BzLog 3]: Battle Mode!


In Project BlockchainZ we want to develop the action of the game with a huge variety of battles divided in the defensive ones and the offensive others.

Defensive Battles

  • Defend the bunker against the hordes of zombies attracted by the noise of your activity.
  • Defend yourself from the blistering raiders who want to spoil your BlockchainZ Ammo.

Project BlockchainZ - Defend your bunker

Offensive Battles

  • Assault the Raiders Storages to get the valuable BlockchainZ Ammo.
  • Clean up the zombie-infested key areas.
  • Anticipate your enemy attacks and intercept them at some point on the map before reaching your bunker.

                                                                    Project BlockchainZ - Array the troops

Before fighting: make your own strategy

Once you start Battle Mode, you have time to plan your strategy. There are some elements you can place in the battlefield before the enemy attacks you:

  • Place alarm bait: Really useful to attract the zombies attention.


  • Place barricades: Not only to keep your soldiers away from the zombies but also to find some cover.


  • Place explosive mines: these little bloody bugs can kill zombies and raiders easily.



  • Place explosive barrels: Find a cool location for the barrels, place them and, once the enemy is closer to the barrel, just aim, shoot and enjoy. The simpler, the more successful.



  • Defend your territory: With all the traps placed in and all the elements strategically settled, prepare your soldiers for the fight. No regrets!



While fighting: strategy goes on!

Get ready to think as quick as possible. The hordes of zombies and the attacks of the raiders are very fast. With the help of the Tactical View, as a player and also as the Captain of the soldiers’ platoon, you must array your troops to the victory. Command your soldiers to any position in the battlefield and be the leader the world demands to be saved.

Destroy the zombie tombs inside the hatches and so you will stop the hordes of zombies.

Project BlockchainZ - Worlmap - Hatch

                                                                    Project BlockchainZ - Destroy zombie tombs


Do not hesitate: aim, shoot and reload!



Spoil as much Bz Ammo as you can. But be wary of the raiders: they can counterattack.



Remember: your mission is to keep the bunker in safe. Each every single survivor you find across the Worldmap is a little big victory. 




Project BlockchainZ - itch.io


Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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This looks really cool!

I can tell by the videos you have put a lot of effort in the game feel.

I am concerned that the combat may get a bit stale.  Especially fighting zombies.  Are there different zombie types?

I will definitely keep my eye on this.

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4 hours ago, jbarrios said:

This looks really cool!

I can tell by the videos you have put a lot of effort in the game feel.

I am concerned that the combat may get a bit stale.  Especially fighting zombies.  Are there different zombie types?

I will definitely keep my eye on this.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We are trying so hard to make the prototype feel great, and it's awesone to know you are enjoying it. We have fur types of zombies:

- Fast Zombies.

- Small Zombies.

- Medium size zombies.

- Big zombies. These zombies sploit small others.


Remember, we are available on itch.io for free, and do not hesitate to join our Discord server!

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[BzLog 4]: Worldmap

In Project BlockchainZ you will fight in a procedural map where you can find different goals managing the whole action strategically. This procedural map will be your Worldmap.


Project BlockchainZ - Worldmap 

Worldmap Hud

On the top left corner you'll see how long will reinforcements take to arrive at the bunker. Also, you will notice how many civils are inside the bunker and how much BitecoinZs do you have to spend in the technology's store. In the middle up of the screen, there is an alert about when will the new zombie wave attack the bunker. Time Controller is for the speed while moving across the worldmap. Finally, there is an small world map on the left bottom corner where you will notice all the events around the worldmap.

Worldmap Events

We've just started creating 5 diferent types of events:

  • The Bunker. The place where you can manage your soldiers, train them and buy some technologies. These technologies will be to improve the character skills and so create a better battle gameplay.
  • Zombie Hatch: it is formed by zombie tombs (remember: we are still thinking on the zombie idea and what kind of creature could fit better in the story). If you destroy the zombie hatch, no more zombies will appear from this area.
  • Raiders Storage: it's where the Bz Ammo are. You can spoil it while fighting against the raiders or defeat them directly and so you'll get the Bz Ammo.
  • Raiders encounters: sometimes you will be find some bandits across the battlefield. You can try to flee, but sometimes you won't. If you decide to fight against them and finally defeated your enemies, you'll earn BiteCoinZs.
  • Zombie waves: the worldmap is crowded of zombies walking around the streets and ready to kill you. Kill them and win not only experience, but also BiteCoinZs.
  • Raiders with hostages: defeat the enemies and you will rescue the hostages. These civils will go directly to your bunker.

Project BlockchainZ - Zombie Hatch

Move freely among objectives around the worldmap but be careful, this world is full of dangerous situations and you must manage the risk of every single action to anticipate your enemies movement and choose how to fight every battle.

                                                                  Project BlockchainZ - Worldmap

                                                                  Project BlockchainZ - Worldmap

Project BlockchainZ - Worldmap - Zombies attacking



The Bunker: RPG elements.

Through the Worldmap you will manage your troops and enjoy all the RPG attributes like the troops training, all about buying elements to use in the battlefield and much more possibilities.


Project BlockchainZ - Manage your soldiers 

In the worldmap you will be capable to manage the challenges of every battle in order to success. There are some technologies at your disposal. You can buy them with the Bitecoins you earn in the battlefield.


Right now, we are thinking on new technologies, so any suggestion is welcome. You can comment here or talk about it on our Discord Server.

Thanks for all, guys! Next update: a patch is coming!


Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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[BzLog 5]: Fresh news! Patch notes 1.0.1b

Hey everybody!

We’re working on more meaningful additions, so here’s Patch 1.0.1b! The update is ready for you! We are introducing a new kind of raider, bigger and more powerful, who uses a shotgun (Let us know if you like it). We also add some improvements in the Bullet Time skill, which we’ll explain you with lots of details in the next week devlog. Besides, a new weapon is at player’s disposal, The shotgun: Ready to kill zombies without remorse. Also a big optimization that allow us to put more Units at the same time: 100 to 300.


Additionally we are still working on the story. We’ll show you very soon more info about concepts and who are the factions and what we finally decided about the zombie idea. We are discussing it on our Discord Server, and you are invited to participate.


                                               Project BlockchainZ - Shotgun

                                               Project BlockchainZ - Alarm Bait


Patch Notes:

  • New weapon included: shotgun.
  • New Raider with a shotgun.
  • Big optimization that allows more units on screen at the same time, from 100 to 300.
  • Movement of enemies improved (Improved pathfindings).
  • Response time and physicis now uses less resources.
  • New mini map icon for zombies.
  • Adjusted win time to concentrate action in more fast paced battles.
  • Modified alarm bait duration to make it more usable.
  • Changed Bullet Time, now it’s a time based skills instead a stamina one.
  • Now you can choose whether the soldiers in the bunker come to help you or not.
  • Now you can choose the initial weapon when you start the battle.
  • Some aesthetic improvements in the text boards.
  • New Feedback when the alarm bait is activated.
  • New Feedback while Bullet Time.
  • Increased player jump height.
  • New Feedback when you are reloading ammo with the Ammo Box.
  • Raiders Supply Depot always have bandits inside.
  • AI units identify the Ammo Box as an obstacle.
  • Bug fixes.
  • … and much more in future patches!


                                               Project BlockchainZ - Bullet Time


We will continue working on new improvements and patches, and will be glad to know any feedback or suggestions you have. Don't forget to join us on Discord!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

Thank you all for the support, it’s really useful. Hope you enjoy the new patch and have fun!


Project BlockChainZ Team.

Edited by Esteban5XG

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[BzLog 6]: Why Bullet Time is your best choice to survive?

Have you ever felt alone in the middle of the battle, desperate to survive against a massive horde of zombies? Us too. And that’s why we are so glad to introduce you the Bullet Time skill, an abbility really useful once you need more time to kill your enemies.




Just imagine for one second how funny could be to freeze the time for a while and see these horrible enemies rushing over you in slow motion. That gives you a break to choose the best response. Lots of situation could happen then. You could kill more zombies, or find a way out, give orders to your troops in order to take a huge advantage on the battle. Also, it looks pretty cool to kill zombies in slow motion.




Bullet Time improvements

  • Fixed duration (we’re thinking about the possibility to last more depending on the player's level experience ).
  • Bullet Time  cooldown reduced.
  • Time skills (Doesn't use stamina).
  • Improved SFX feedback.
  • New camera effect for feedback
  • Much Better aiming while using the shotgun.




Take advantage of the Bullet Time and the new shotgun. It looks amazing while killing a lot of zombies. Just try it!

We will talk about other kind of weapons in our Discord Server. Join us!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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[BzLog 7]: It's all about Optimization


Hi there

In the last week, we have been working really hard (besides on new features) on optimizations in the game's performance. Today i'll let you know the main problems we've been through this and how we are fixing them.

Right now, the most fps-consuming place in the game is on battles with tons of units, which if you are fighting against zombies it's actually pretty normal (even more if you are playing the hard level as a ranger and you are in late-game).


AI improvement

The most consuming part of the battle is (without a doubt) the AI from your troops, raiders and/or zombies. They need to know a lot of information before they can decide what to do and this is usually where it takes most of the time (paths, line of sight, friendly fire, take covers, etc) and what we could improve the most was the pathfinding (Finding a path from point A to point B avoiding all obstacles). Just because we have a lot of units at the same time, we decided to use a different pathfinding (from the usual pathfinding that Unity uses) that could improve performance, but the counter part was the paths were a bit choppy and hitting stuff that moved in a weird way wasn't fun.


So we decided to remove this pathfinding and stick with Unity's systems, which actually led to better paths and, to our surprise, better performance. This change allowed us to raise the amount of units a battle could have.


Physics Improvement

One term most of you are probably familiarized with are "hitboxes" or what it's actually called "colliders" (The box that "collides" with stuff and take damage). In order to have accuracy with shots' hits we needed to have up to 8 or 10 hitboxes for every unit (Chest, head, legs, arms, etc). This is fine as long as you don't move them or you don't have a ton of them. You can think that 8 or 10 for unit it's not that much, but having in mind a battle can have up to 150-200 units at the same time. this means 1000-1500 colliders (which it's something that Unity doesn't like).


The way we decided to solve this was to change dynamically the amount of colliders a unit have. If it's really far away and not doing much, we don't really care what is actually hitting it, so we leave it a simple collider, but if the unit is in front of you, we change to a complex collider with up to 8-10 hitboxes so you can keep headshooting and dealing those sweet +300 dmg. This actually uses more rules to manage how the colliders change and makes sure that the player doesn't notices this. And with this we lower the number of colliders from 1K to 200.



Before the patch we released a few days ago, you could only have 100 "real" units on the battlefield. Even if you are fighting vs 500, they will appear on rounds of 100 (So the game could actually be playable). Now the number raised to 300 (it can actually be higher, but we decided to leave room for low-tier PCs). Even with this, there's still room from improvement using some of the latest Unity's features like ECS (Entity Component System) and Job System (Which allow us to use multiple threads to improve game performance), Hopefully, in future patches, we will let you know how all of this evolve and make a better experience!

Don't forget to join us on Discord!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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