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ARF Initiative

Project BlockchainZ [Available on itch.io]

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Hi everyone!


After some months working on the next version of Project BlockchainZ, aka V2, this new prototype has a new name, includinglogo and a few lines about storyline.

And the new name is...



There was a time when living was about just breathing. But not today, not now. The dead get up and walk. the anger of the dead spreads like a bloody outhbreak to every corner of the planet. The dead live, but they do not breathe anymore.

The world has fallen. Collapsed byt the dead threat and its turhless rotten flesh, human beings began a total war that lasted as long as the wars usually last: too much. The consequences? The extinction of the majority of the nations around the world.

After the disastrous failure of the war, also known as Project BlockchainZ, the government in the last attempt to save the day, activated its last and desperate resource, a long time forgotten protocol. This classified emergency protocol only becomes operational when the nation has definitely fallen, and there is no way back. This last resource, known as the fallNation protocol, wants to ensure the survival of the humanity, nothing else.


With this few lines we wanna invite you to discuss about the new game in our discord server: https://discord.gg/PPAed7Z

Thanks for all the support!

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Posted (edited)

Hey there!

It's been a long time since our last update. But no worries, we are now here to present you the new steps we are taking. Big changes are coming. Just because Project BlockchainZ connected too many people and it's getting bigger and bigger, we started to work in a new prototype, also known as V2. This prototype is the logical evolution of Project BlockchainZ and, after a long time thinking about its design, its naming and many other aspects of this new game, we finally decided to call it FallNation

At this point, we understood our Discord Server needed a big change to be aligned to the whole story we are constructing behind theses video games. And that's why we've just changed our name. From now, you will find us on Discord by the name of the ARF Initiative.



About the ARF Initiative

ARF Initiative includes not only Project BlockchainZ and FallNation, but also the full scope game, which is based in these two prototypes.

We believe the best way to reach the goal (ARF video game) is by giving you some prototypes and so we all together can experience the gameplay and obtain a very useful feedback. That's why Project BlockchainZ and FallNation exists.




Project BlockchainZ is a military program simulation government created to prepare soldiers in case of a big threat.

FallNation is the emergency protocol government activates when the Nation has fallen. The main purpose is to ensure the survival of the people and the complete management of the hazard.

ARF is based in a shattered world far in the future, full of dangers, collapsed by a horrible menace (can´t say much more right now). As you might see, logo is under construction. ARF is the full scope game and formed by Project BlockchainZ and Fallnation. ARF is coming soon.

Big things are coming. This is the beginning of everything. Hope you now understand where are we going to and how happy we feel to share this video game with all of you.


If you want to know more about our video game, including every project, do not doubt. Join our Discord Server!




Thanks a lot for the support, guys!

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