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Tips for a tech interview in Germany

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I'm flying out to Germany soon (from the US), to interview with a mobile gaming company in Hamburg.  They said in the company, everyone speaks english only, so I'll be fine, but will want German for local life.  (studying now) . I'm also studying all sorts of cultural differences in general to prepare for a move.  The key things I'm worried about, are the differences that may effect a tech or gaming interview.  Anything.  If you don't know the differences, but are familiar with tech interviews in Germany, this would also be helpful. 




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I am a dev from Germany.

As anywhere in the world in the interviews are super different depending on the company you are applying to. 

In general, I'd say as an American you'll be totally fine. Culturally, the social interactions at work aren't so super different between the two countries. It's much harder for someone from Asian countries to get used to the German culture. 

I'd say, prepare just like you would for an interview in the US and you'll be totally fine. 

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I'm an American, been working here in Germany for 12 years. The most important things for working with Germans

1) An honest full answer is better than a dishonest or slippery answer

2) 5 minutes late is LATE. be 2 minutes early. there is no 'casually on-time'

3) Avoid politics. Always, but especially now.

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