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Can I use these names and abbreviations?

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Hi. I am developing a game that slightly affects the technique and I use the following names and abbreviations "I2C, USB, RoHS" in the game, can I use them without subsequent problems with the law?

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That depends on how you're using them. If you're referring to the actual respective standards, then that shouldn't be a problem. If you're using the names to represent something they're not supposed to, though, that could cause a problem. For example, there could be trouble if you refer to an optical disc as a "USB CD", since there is no such thing and it misrepresents what USB is all about.

So in short, just call things what they actually are and you should be fine. Of course, I do have to mention that I'm not a lawyer and none of this is legal advice, just my personal understanding of how trademarks work.

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