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Looking for new or experienced devs to collaborate on 3D Unity Tennis game!

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Hi all, I'd like to briefly introduce myself and a pet PC game project I've been nurturing over the years. If tennis or 3D sports games are your thing, please PM me here or on Discord @ kenBlade #2331

I'm a former IGF student game developer turned AAA game company associate producer and researcher, and I'm now working on a passion project full-time. Prior to this undertaking, my background was mostly in MS VBA, games user research, and the business of making games. As a games user researcher, my favorite project was Top Spin 4.

I took a long break from the games industry to diversify my skillset in product design and traditional software development, during which hiatus I found myself gravitating more towards tennis and all things related, including PC tennis simulation games. Since then I've been dreaming up lots of ways to revolutionize PC/console tennis games and extensively studied game accessibility, balance, and crowdfunding. Just recently, I discovered that many tennis sims were built by talented solo developers. That's when I started learning Unity and inertia-based mocap just to see if I --a less talented developer -- could also pull off a unique tennis game. Design pillars are accessibility, believability, and customizability. 

To date, I've been working on this passion project for three months part-time and three more months full-time. Most of my time was spent acquiring and learning the tech (a decent rig, mocap equipment, input devices, Unity and Unity Assets) while prototyping the core mechanics and control schemes. I haven't implemented production ready physics or aesthetics yet in case other devs floating in this gamedev.net ether would like to contribute and outshine my crude attempts at art and (Playmaker-assisted) Unity scripting. My goal would be to eventually turn this pet project into a crowdsourcer.io project with a small team of passionate developers, and then seek out crowdfunding once we hit the alpha stage.

Whether you're experienced at developing games or not, please reach me if this project interests you. Demo available upon request. Let's reach for the moon and fall upon the stars! Physics.
Discord @ kenBlade #2331


#Unity #Tennis

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Ps: If you are looking for project experience and potential revenue share for non-programming disciplines such as audio, art, animation and the like, please feel free to drop me a line too. You'll be surprised how easy it is to work in Unity, and I'm happy to show fellow Unity beginners how to quickly get your assets into a playable game (much more impressive than just a static assets on a website or print).

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