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DX11 using system generated SV_VertexID in VertexShader fails

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today i implemented  my test particel system with no Vertexbuffer an no Indexbuffer Solution.

The performance is very good i would say.

Test case

- 1 million cubes, ( no sprite but real 8 vertecie rigid body )
- each cube fully dynamic transformable ( scale, rotation, translation ) 
- each cube has dynamic color
- but NO normal handling until now, only emissiv color
- in a real live environment  ( Sponza Scene with, directional Light, pointlights with and without omni shadows, invironment map reflections
  performance  55 FPS ( when all of the scene is best visible in the camera )

- BUT until now no collision detection system, no inelligent (expensive) transform calculations

My goal is to have a fluid animaiton so i need a visualizing system of the the thousand small spheres/balls that will flow later.

I have to mention that i work with SharpDX, which is a managed directx wrapper.

But to me it shows that  in c# its also possible to have a good running system 😀

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