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Long time lurker, first time poster

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I was going to just leach off a collective "introduce yourself" thread but when I searched for one, it hadn't been posted on in like 6 years and I appear to be in some sort of probation period which requires mod approval for me to post. I've been directing budding game developers, artists, musicians, etc. to this website for years so I figured it was time I finally sign up myself.

I've been programming since I was a kid on a Commodore 64 ever since I discovered the magical "list" command. I'm a hobbyist, it's for funsies, I would like to one day sell a few games but I don't have any grandiose visions of making the biggest MMO/RPG ever where you can craft anything and it's a battle royale/survival/roguelike/open world/nazi/dinosuars/insert buzzwords, aka "I've got this great idea..."

In my off-time, I have helped out some friends over the years with things like video editing, music and voice overs. In my on-time, I'm a military journalist and broadcast editor/producer. I also compose music, mainly EDM type stuff, electronica, chiptune, trance, etc. So in regards to game development, I do graphic design/artwork, music & sound production and programming/design. Sort of the cliche jack of all trades, master of none. Emphasis on master of none.

I am interested in putting my vocals and music composition skills to use to help out some promising indie projects. When I say promising, I mean, will actually get finished.

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