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Psy - Dungeon Challenge

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This is my game for the challenge, there's quite a lot I could do to improve it but I'm happy with it so far.  There's probably some bugs so beware!

Story - 

Dave and Jas have been trapped in the Wizard's maze.  Use the arrow keys to move around and escape.  Collect as much gold as you can, avoid or fight the flaming skulls and make it to the exit.

Requirements - 

Player navigating in a maze

Maneuver around moving and stationary objects (walls and skulls)

minimum 1 level

Define end goal - find key and escape

Player can kill or ignore enemies.

Enemies drop gold, spell scrolls and health potions.

Items - must include 3 items

(Health Potions, Spell Scrolls, Key)

Additional credit item - Gold

Minimum 1 music track

Sound effects

Gamedev reference - when you press S to start the name appears in yellow.









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Good effort! :) Especially nice to see it packed in one .exe without a million asset files.

I found it very difficult to keep my orientation, but I guess that is the point of mazes. I met some skulls and a treasure chest but didn't find my way out lol!

Are the mazes auto-generated each time? If so I think I did encounter one bug where sometimes the maze would only be an L shaped corridor, with nothing else in it apart from me. But I just restarted until I got a bigger maze.

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