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glCompressedTexImage2D to Direct3d 11

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I am a porting some code from opengl to Direct3d.  

glCompressedTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, format, Width, Height, 0, bufferSize, (const GLvoid*)buffer);

I port this to Direct3D 11 with:

HRESULT hr = CreateDDSTextureFromMemory(device, buffer, bufferSize, nullptr, &srv);

but it fails early saying the data is not a DDS texture when it checks the header.  I assumed the above compressed formats would port to DDS.  Is there a workaround or way to convert?



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12 hours ago, Quat said:


is a helper / utility function (not part of D3D itself) that loads images that have been saved in the DDS image format. Are your images in that format? If not, then you don't want to be using that function.

You can, however, look at the source code to CreateDDSTextureFromMemory to see which actual D3D functions it's using to create a texture resource, copy compressed image data into that resource, and then make an SRV for the resource so it can be bound to shaders.

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