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A Game Composer Looking For New Projects

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Hi Guys, 

As a longtime game player and composer, I'm always searching to work on new projects to collaborate with (free of charge). The majority of my studies done eight years before and after my BA Hons music course, I've been building a network with various indie game producers, you can check out my work on

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_PmIGk01Aif2hz6_h7ndMw?view_as=subscriber

and SoundCloud-

I hope to hear and work for you. 




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Hi there! i'm an indie developer making point and click adventures. You can check a demo of my first game at

www.sol705.com (free download versions for ios, mac, pc, linux, windows and android). The full game has been funded after a kickstarter campaign and I'm full working on it.

I loved your samples and as my  game is all about music bands in the 70s and I'm looking for all kind of diversity in this area.

If you're interested please contact me for more details!




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Hi Patoland, Thanks for listening to my samples. I've been checking out Sol705 it looks extremely awesome! Would love to work on the music.

For the questions- 

The production section in your website informs that you had three composers for the game, what section of the game would you like me to focus on?

and what type of genres in the 70's would you like me to look listen to? 

Thats mostly it,

Thanks for contacting :)




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