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The Fire of Ardor - Dungeon Challenge

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this is my submission for the challenge. Bad news first: The game is currently only playable on Linux - until I won the fight against Mingw32 and Python under Windows.


The game takes place in a world which is infested by the curse of the daemon lord Ardor. Burning like a fire and spreading like a plague, the curse causes people to become greedy and grudging, some of them even turn into bloodthirsty monsters. By reaching out to reign supreme, the fire of Ardor burns its way into our world. The player is a nameless warrior who crested the silver mountain in order to enter Ardor's world and defeat him. To open the dimension gate, the player has to defeat a dungeon and obtain the soul stone that is hidden inside. During the game you won't confront the daemon himself, but obtain the soul stone from the dungeon and bring it to the wizard Randuras, the last resident of the doomed town at the top of the mountain.


The game uses a raycasting rendering engine, written by me, which is uses SDL2 for windowing, sound playback and texture loading. The rest is a lot of vector geometry and digging pixels.


The game is played in the first person perspective. You have a sword as a melee weapon and can cast fireball spells for far-ranged combat. There are three different enemy kinds: rats, black rats and ghosts. The enemies will chase you until you either kill them or they lose your trace. Rats and black rats drop meat. Ghosts don't drop items.


  • Health potion
  • Mana potion
  • Meat
  • Mushroom
  • 3 different keys
  • Soul stone

Additional Item: Gold (can be used to buy potions from the wizard)


Each scene has its own music track (CC0 - licensed tracks from opengameart.org).

Each action in the game produces a sound (sword fighting, spell casting, enemies notice you, item pickup and consumption, etc...)

GameDev.Net Reference / EasterEgg

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Youtube Video

Project Page / Download

The download link can be found on the GameDev.net project page (currently only Linux 64 bit, Windows build will follow)




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