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DungeonBot3000: The Dungeon Crawl Challenge

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Presenting DungeonBot3000:

It's an ARPG, in the vein of Diablo or Path of Exile. You play the role of a small prototype bot waking from hibernation after almost 700 years, in order to carry out your final directive: exterminate the Cult of Gamed'ev.


Challenge Criteria:


It's there. You can press ESCAPE at any time to instantly quit the game. Also, when playing, you can return to the main menu, but to do so you have to die, at which point you are given the option to Respawn, Return to Menu, or Exit Game.


10 levels of randomly generated maze. The mazes are generated using the Depth First Search maze algorithm, meaning lots of dead ends and few branching intersections. Some more maze variety would have been nice.

Walls count as stationary obstacles, enemies count as moving obstacles since they can block your movement.

The end goal is to reach Level 10 and destroy the bosses Khawk and jbadams. I haven't managed to do it yet at current numeric balance levels, but I also need to 'git gud'.


Enemies come in 4 flavors:

Users are the cannon fodder mobs upon which you will grind to gear up. Small, wearing white shirts, and generic, they represent the faceless hordes of the Cult of Gamed'ev.

Moderators are the next step up. They are named mobs, with names randomly chosen from the list of gamedev.net moderators. You can recognize them by their red shirts and larger size. Moderators can roll with 3 random modifiers.

Emeritus mobs are next. They are even larger still, and are recognizable by their purple color. Even more dangerous than moderators, they can roll with 4 random mods.

Staff are the final enemy types. There are only 2 variants: Khawk and jbadams. They are the end-game bosses, and are found only on Level 10 of the dungeon. They have custom attacks (Khawk uses a shoulder-mounted fire grenade launcher, jbadams swings a Ban Hammer) and can have up to 5 random mods. This makes them quite dangerous, as they pretty much always have Berserk and Quick, Life Leech and Life Regen. You can't kill them, and worse you can't escape them.

Items and Loot:

All enemies have a chance to drop randomized loot. Loot comes in 3 varieties: Blades, Lasers and Shells, to provide offensive boosts to your attacks, and defensive boosts to your character.

For the Credits requirement, I implemented an Energy value. Energy accumulates over time, at a base rate of 1 per second. There are random mods on items that can boost this rate. You spend Energy slowly when using your attacks; you can also spend Energy using Gambling. Currently, Gambling is hacked into a button on the main interface. If you have at least 400 energy, click the button to spend 400 and roll a random item. Gambling draw from the full mod tier pool and from the full pool of random item mods, so you can get end-game ready equipment this way. Probably faster to just play to get equipment, though.


Top-down 3D pseudo-isometric ARPG viewpoint. Drab gray dungeon textures. Enemy models thanks to MakeHuman, player model thanks to Blender.


Only a single track, courtesy of Gravity Sound. The sound effects include some of the effects shipped with Urho3D, and a few random sound samples obtained from OpenGameArt. Sound design theme can be summed up as 'cheesy'. Notably lacking is a UI with slider bars to adjust volume. Ran out of time.

GameDev reference:

The whole thing. You play a robot tasked with killing gd.net members. Super clever! And certainly not a way for me to end up on some kind of watch list! I really only did it this way because I wanted to use MakeHuman to cut down a lot of modeling work, so I needed a reason for a bot to be killing people. Logical.


Use Left Mouse Button to move, use stairs and pick up loot. Use Right Mouse Button to attack. 'q' and 'w' switch between Spin Attack and Laser Beam attack. Hover over items to compare with currently-equipped items for that slot. Left-click on an item on the ground to equip it, dropping your currently-equipped item on the floor. Try not to die, but if you do you can Respawn to retry the current dungeon level. You get to keep your equipment if you Respawn, you'll lose it if you return to main menu.


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I was able to beat the game with the following mods:




I pretty much ran into the mobs as both end bosses came in and my blade killed them so quick and my regen saved me. :) Was like a second fight! :D I did die when I couldn't get them at the same time with a mob of guys due to no extra leech.

Great job! I really enjoyed it! :) 

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Yeah, the key is getting life regen and leech, stacking up a whole bunch of leech stacks, and hoping for the best. I managed to beat it once with blades and almost once with lasers (ate a jbadams slam when he had like 5% of his life left).

Now that the challenge is done, I might work on this some more.

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