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DIM DAWN Studios

The HARDCORE exprience TO AKIMON is here now!

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The wait is over

You are awakened from a dream.

You don't where you are or who you are. But the only certain thing is;

You have to go forward.

On your journey to Akimon you will face many obstacles in many forms.

But before you can beat the challenge ahead

You'll have to use your reflexes and determination in order to avoid death.

But none will be harder than the most fearsome of them all.


To Akimon is a game based upon one mechanic only.

You will have to rely on your reflexes in order to progress.

The game tries to maintain a minimalistic voxel-esque visual style 

while also accompanying you with a soundtrack inspired by 8-bit and synthwave music.


You can find more information about TO AKIMON and us here!

You can purchase TO AKIMON here!

To Akimon Full banner - Kopya.jpg

ss 1.jpg

ss 2.jpg

SS 6.bmp

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