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Tag-Team Challenge

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Just throwing an idea out there, as I currently don't have the time to participate in challenges, but what do you all think of members partnering up and co-operating together to participate in a challenge?  Maybe a challenge that is for teams of two?

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I like the idea, but I think on day 1 it's already a collaboration by using others content/asset, giving some snippets, idea from others. but the worst scenario I can think of is finger-pointing:

Me        : It's your fault we didn't finished it on time! you drink too much!
Parther : I'm waiting for your fix, your code sucks! it your fault your playing games most of the time!
Me        : I like Unreal and you choose Unity that causes delay.
Parther : I like Unity than Unreal using it will cause more delay.


But of course, it can also be a smooth collabs ^_^y


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