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Modeling Building in City Setting

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Hey all!


I'm new to forums so I apologize if this isn't in the right spot.

I just have a few questions as I'm just starting to create some assets in Blender and use in Unreal 4.


If I want to have a city setting and have a particular building that the player can go inside of, complete with elevators, multiple rooms, several floors including basement levels, etc., how should I go about modeling that? I know I would need to do it in sections but how sectional should I go? Like should each floor be it's own "level" or scene that loads? Should I make an external model that the player sees while around the city which doesnt have anything inside but only load floor 1 when they enter the doors, etc.?

If you use any technical terms, please explain a little since I'm still learning.

Thank you for your help in advance!


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