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Nick Moses

PC Would love some feedback for my music!

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Hey guys, would love to hear some feedback for my music!

I've been making music for some time and have only just come into my prime with my music.

It's not all gaming music but if you feel it could fit i'd be interested to hear from you!!

My youtube is mainly D&B sort of rap beats but I will atach some other genres ive been experimenting with.

NOTE: Not all my music is fully mixed and mastered yet.

Thank you again!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYTTwjJ4fQf_NSwhkzpsOGA




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The first song, "Saxy Lady", the lack of a pad makes the song sound too bare. There are awkward spaces where there are just the drums, something that a synth pad could fix.

Using a realistic instrument, the strings, and using the same velocity creates a lot of unrealism. I recommend recording yourself playing to replicate a human performance and adjusting the velocities afterwards if you are not a pro pianist. I know you said you haven't fully mixed the songs yet, but having everything mono really detracts the enjoyment of listening to each instrument. Panning is an absolute must if you have over 3 instruments.

In "West Coast Story", panning the metal hits to the side is a nice touch, and reminds me of the Goldeneye 007 soundtrack. In the intro, the piano/drums section lasts too long without anything interesting happening. Always look for moments to add in some extra filler instruments or sounds. Overall, I feel the song takes a bit too long to develop without any payoff.


I'm intrigued by your musical style though. With some refinement, in both mixing and composing, you can become a great composer. My recommendation is to deeply study music by other composers. Look at what instruments they use, how they use them, and the small details (panning, volume, automation, etc...). In fact, I host a video series where I dissect video-game music in an easy-to-understand fashion. If you interested in learning some of the tricks composer put in their songs, I'll link it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q45awgtRfzc&list=PLuuUS6o56cacp_9N6FsAtSjjBZAdsP9Ba&index=14

I wish you the best on your composing journey, Nick. Ask me any questions about music, and I would be honored to help!

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