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3D (Royalties)VectorEngine - Custom 3D Engine/IDE looking for artist (3d/2d)

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I am developing VectorEngine - it is a full 3D opengl/c# engine, that has been in dev since August 2017 - It has a full IDE, similar to Unity/Unreal - I am looking to use it to make a episodic 

action/rpg - the game will serve as a advertising of the engine/ide and may be free on perhaps sold on Steam etc.

So I am looking for 3D artists and 2D artists. Also a level designer to make levels out of the 3D made by the artists. I am the designer and Coder of the game/engine.

If you want to see shots/videos of the ide/engine, pls feel free to ask, or if you are interested in helping, please contact me here or via email : antonyrobwells@gmail.com 

Thank you.

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this is a older video of the ide/engine. ignore the different name, it's just changed now to VectorEngine.



Some of my older work, most of it done within unity3D - this is from 2010-2012.


A simple piece of work I created over a year ago, never went past this intro sequence.


This is a demo created using the 2D aspects of the engine. Although 2d, it can scale/rotate and lit each sprite, and has a sequential map system (I.e a grid of sprites) and this can also be rotated/scaled and lit.


This shows the same 2d engine, with rotating and scaling this time. the map is the bg, the spaceships are sprites. All of the maths/rendering is handled by the engine, you simple create the map and place the sprites. then render.





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