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Question: Making first connections

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Hi there! I am new to gamedev and have loved diving in to the resources here! I took a look at the FAQ and some other advice articles which were really helpful and gave me some great jumping off points. 

I do have one question still. What are good ways of making those first connections to game developers as a composer? Are there conventions that I should be going to? Are there forums to go to where you can find folks who have a budget to hire composers? I've run in to a couple forums and interactions where people are looking for composers to donate their time and skills for projects, but I have passed the point of doing pro bono work for the experience and portfolio building. I live in Milwaukee and have made a couple connections here, but due to monetary constraints I'm not able to travel much or be paying for a bunch of passes to conventions. I would absolutely love to get to the point where I have enough money to invest in networking opportunities like that, but currently I am a little limited to making connections via the internet and such. 

Any pointers? 





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Networking events are the most sure-fire way to develop friendships with develops and eventually clients. Don't worry about the costs involved as if you are smart, you will more than make up the expense.


My technique when I'm not attending any conferences is to use social media. Find out where gaming developers are posting updates for their game and express your interest in it. Point out an attribute or two about the game you enjoy and then mention that you are a composer. Be willing to help them and don't express that you're looking for a job.


And finally, game developers aren't always where you'll find your next commission. Most composers I know are actually referenced by another composer to get them jobs. Always seek to build friendships to whomever you meet. That's the key.

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Thank you so much! Now that I have my portfolio together I'll start reaching out and making connections in these ways. 

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