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Fonts formats in video games

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I'm making a research about using fonts in video games.
Could you, please, help me and share your experience.

What are possible font formats that are used in games? What are their technical advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you for the help!

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Posted (edited)

The easiest way to implement font rendering I found was creating a printable ASCII texture of a monospace font. It's pretty easy to manage as limited for general purpose since you only have 95 different chars, but is more then enough for debug and profile print. I also use a raster graphics editor (like photoshop, gimp, whatever) to create a soft, fake anti-alias version of the font: with a little care the final result is more then acceptable for its purpose.

Of course you always use external libraries and APIs, on Windows platform you can go with the combo Direct2D and DirectWrite, which can be coupled with any DXGI-compatible 3D rendering API.

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