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Space Puzzle Strategy Game (Inspired)

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Fellow forumers, the goal of this thread is to plan the aspects of what I call a turn based puzzle strategy game in space, of course that's not the name, but in simple terms that is what my aim for the concept is. Any person who is interested in helping with this concept is welcome.

As a graphic artist and animator I like to conceptualize the content before delving into the actual production of artwork and animations. I'm not going to be doing the coding of this game but I'll try to recruit that help later after I'm done creating all the artwork and animations.


I have a rough idea of the game mechanics but I'm not exactly sure about the number of objects, or type of interactions.


Overview of the game:

-2d Single player, turn based, tile based, combine tiles, produce structures and units, eliminate opposing A.i. players

-Features several factions of aliens (Siphox, Gearoids, Cryogens, and Plasmins)

-Each faction will have a starting structure and produce different units and buildings by combining tiles nearby preferring certain resource types

-Five different resource types (Regolith, Metal, Crystal, Vapor, Plasma)


Factions Summary:

-Siphox: Biological colonial species, consumes it's environment by secreting slime and flicking tendrils. Resource preference: Regolith, Vapor

-Gearoids: Mechanical modular robots, sub units working together to grind and refine materials and create more modules that perform different functions. Resource preference: Metal, Crystal

-Cryogens: Ancient imperialists, achieved longevity through cryogenic stasis, freezes resources to shatter them into a more usable form, masters of weaponry. Resource preference: Metal, Vapor

-Plasmins: Energetic entities, traveled from stars to explore new areas to nurse their young, which require cooler planetary plasma, able to rearrange atoms from a subatomic scale, thereby vaporizing matter converting to energy. Resource preference: Crystal, Plasma


So far that's where I'm at. I'm giving creative freedom to my fellow forumers, in other words I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to add anything or even suggest a change or removal of something I said. Perhaps you think I should have less factions, or resource types, perhaps even more. Have an idea for structure or units for the factions, I'm all ears! I'll continue working and update this thread of any future ideas I've come up with and having a second opinion on this would really help me, and I may start the artwork and animations sooner rather than later depending on how well my idea is received.


Thank you for reading and looking forward to responses.



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You should probably start off with a GDD, then producing the artwork while someone simultaneously writes the game.
(In this GDD you 'll have to write out the mechanics and make a choice between puzzle and strategy.)

Note that you can make the game with only two(or one) factions and add more factions later.

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@NukedPenguin, great background on each of your Factions.  Well thought out, rich with detail and succinct.  Like Dramolion suggested, start with 2 or maybe max 3 factions to start and expand after the game-play is perfected.

Looking forward to the art :) 

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