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fastest way to update/draw position precalculated particles

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in my fluid simulation i can run a simulation e.g. 1 million particles only with 5 fps. 
The particle positions are recorded each time step.

Now i want to replay the particle movement just as a animation in the game without simulation overhead and less GPU cost.

When updating the GPU buffer each frame i need e.g. a structured buffer float4 => 16 Mbyte each frame

The buffer update/map slows down the overall FPS performance.

I also have the problem that the cpu ram usage would be about 500 MBytes per sec.

How can the movement data of the particles be compressed by an algorithm that minimizes the data to be uploaded.

I dont know if spline curves are here the best choice.

My problem is how to deal with high an low  frequency changes of the particles
( I mean some particles move with small deviation of the "key point" initial direction vector and some have a hight deviation that would need more "key points"

How to do this best ?

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