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Pixel Artist Looking For A Small Team

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Hey there! Not sure if you're still looking for some music, but I'm an amateur musician who has been working on a variety of retro-style video game music, including some RPG-themed tracks.

Here's one of my RPG samples right from my YouTube channel:


Feel free to check out the rest of my channel to see if you think you might have any use for some of my stuff! I haven't had any of my music in video games yet, but have recently been working on projects of my own where I work on entire themes for games.

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Hi, are you also willing to join another project? We are currently seeking a pixel art designer for our game.

We are a small hand of experience game developer ( 1 coder / 2 musicer / sound designer), and would love to welcome you to our project!

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Hey, I am interested.

I am a Unity developer (4-5 years xp) looking for indie projects to file my teeth atm.
It might not be too relevant but here is my itch.ioGitHub and LinkedIn (the latter is mostly here if you want my resume)

If you are interested you can contact me at garazbolg@gmail.com. Cheers !

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This sounds interesting I'd like to check out your project. I've worked in Unity with their scripting language and created a small game. I'm currently learning the Godot engine and have made a simple prototype for a 2d shooting game. I really like the flexibility of Godot and of course the open source license makes it really easy to distribute anything created. I would really prefer to work with this engine. What development tools are you working with?

I also wrote a text based dungeon crawler in Java.

You can check out my dungeon crawler at:

Here is my github page: https://github.com/David1platt


You can message me or email me at david1platt@gmail.com



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