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Asteri Delivers Consumer Testing to Digital Content Creators

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In preparation for Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Asteri Holdings today announced its large-scale, telemetry-based consumer testing solution for content creators.

In addition, the company unveiled the first two projects in the Asteri Entertainment portfolio. These games are already benefitting from the company’s proprietary platform driven by Asteri’s network of core, mid-core and casual players.

“What sets us apart is an analytics platform that gives content creators the opportunity to gather completely organic feedback beginning as soon as Week One of the creative development process,” said Steve Gray, Founder and CEO, Asteri Holdings. “Asteri captures what thousands of players are actually doing inside a digital experience, what we call ‘input metrics’. This feedback is statistically significant, highly actionable, and can help inform creators’ design decisions. The Asteri approach mitigates the inherent financial risk in big bet digital content creation.”

Gray founded Asteri in late 2017, following his recent, remarkable success applying similar consumer testing principles to build game portfolios in China. With a deep appreciation of the risk assumed at the advent of every digital project, Gray saw an opportunity for entertainment creators in the West to reap the same benefits. Asteri’s growing network of game, entertainment, sports, news and kids’ websites includes partner sites, and the company has recently begun acquiring sites.

Asteri will be showing off their analytics platform at GDC in booth N3306 with actual demos used in the development of new Asteri Entertainment projects Otrio and Gobsmax, both for mobile devices. 

Learn more at https://asteriholdings.com.

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