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[Rev-Share] Looking for Game Designer for Survival Game

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I am a former computer science student with game development experience and I am currently working on a fantasy project inspired by feudal Japanese culture. The project features an open world, multiplayer, dynamic AI, action-oriented combat, fantasy elements like mythical creatures and magic, and other smaller features. The game will be made in UE4 with an iterative development approach. The project is currently in pre-production and the assets that exist are pitches and concept drafts, meaning the project is still in its infancy.

I currently require a small group of game designers to aid me in creative design of the project, from designing mechanics, creating items and monsters, to balancing combat systems, to designing the game world and testing these systems during proof of concept stages. I require you to be directed very lightly and mostly drive yourself. You need to have a strong passion for games, and I would prefer that you have some sort of game development experience (not necessarily video games - can be board game or other game experience, but should include world building of some sort, item creation.. let's talk about it!). Knowledge of Japanese culture would of course be greatly appreciated, and if you speak Japanese that would also be great.

The tasks would range from the following:

- Designing game mechanics. These are preexisting game mechanics that may be undeveloped or somewhat developed. You would be responsible for developing charts, mathematics and formulas, or perhaps algorithm implementations that would make this possible. Anything that would help the developers implement the feature.

- Balancing current game mechanics. Using the UE4 tool, you would test the feature out and see if there are any balancing issues (are certain items too powerful or animations too fast? not powerful enough?).

- Creating new game mechanics. Filling out a form for game mechanics that you would feel is a great addition to the current project. I will personally review the form.

- Designing various in-game assets. Describing and creating formulas for creatures, weapons, armors, or even structures. This is created to aid the artists and animators visually, and give the math to the programmers for the game. 

The project will include a detailed roadmap, scrum board, game design document, as well as several supplementary documents that will guide the development team to create proof of concepts and later complete builds of the project. Once we are able to build a beta version of the game, we will release it to the community and from there on build ideas and fix problems based off of the community opinion, letting it essentially be shaped by the community (within reason).

I have every intention to market and sell the game, and you will be given a fixed share of all profits that come from the earliest release of the project. You will only be removed from the project for unwarranted inactivity (essentially AWOL) or having been severely unethical. You will not receive profits if you were removed before the very first release of the project. You will be required to digitally sign any documents and must be of the legally binding age in the US (18) in order to be part of the project. I will check your submitted content weekly to see your progress, and you are expected to make progress on the project frequently. You can contact me here, or through my email: conditi0n@tuta.io. Thanks for your time.

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