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fiddle sticks....I checked it out and thought the object system was neat. This engine comes from my starting era and I like it. 

So yo, @esenthel I like both game and engine development. I'd like to continue to experiment with your system for purposes of making games. Potentially contribute to your store because I believe in that typical modern win-win model. Does @JTippetts have a valid position? :) Does seem a bit silly, but I can see both sides. Might be a forced consideration to revisit license wording in light of this recently adjusted business model. You certainly don't want any repulsive aspects but the opposite in this phase of growth in your community. The code is out there. done. Get people using it and concentrate on ease of use and reuse. That's something that can't be copied when done right.

Identify what stops the next group of users in their tracks, establish documented workflows for typical set ups or genre. Make it a little more turn key but as starter (concepts/templates). Things of that nature. You have something pretty special here. Nicely done. 

 Come join us in the site challenges and show off the potential. I'm thinking about doing just that with esenthel. :D

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an invitation.

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I don't want someone copying my codes and turn it into their own competing product.

If you have spent 20 years on this, and didn't manage to turn it into a profitable stand-alone product, what makes you think that anyone else would be able to do so? Realistically speaking, I don't know of anyone who's a smart enough marketer to do this, and if they existed, they'd be selling something super expensive (like enterprise software) rather than indie game engines.

I wonder if you'd actually be better off with a license that requires attribution, like MIT or BSD, or even the LGPL license. LGPL sounds great for this, because it makes sure that games developed with the engine can still be sold on app stores and such, but anyone who takes parts (or all) of the engine, must contribute back.

Anyway, my hobby is collecting and analyzing game engines :-) Now that you lightened the license on that front (whether it was enforcible or not,) I might take it for a spin. Thanks for sharing!

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